Solid Waste Management

Solid Waste Management

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Solid Waste Management may be defined as the discipline associated with the control of generation, collection, storage, transfer and transport, processing and disposal of solid wastes in a manner that is in accord with the best principles of public health, economics, engineering, conservation, aesthetics and other environmental considerations.

Collection of Municipal Solid Waste at source(Door to door collection) has been implemented in all Zones. About 95% of the households were covered under this programme. This has been achieved only on introduction of Tricycles which stands as a wonder tool for better collection of MSW at door steps. Now about 2800 Tricycles are put in use. This has resulted in reduction of dust bins on road side. Source separation is promoted to reduce the waste coming to the Landfill, thereby increasing the life time of the Landfills. Source separated bio-degradable waste (Organic Waste) can also be home- composted and used. Source separated recyclables can be sent to recyclable units and only the inserts can be sent to landfills.



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